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Freestyle all mountain
€349.00 (tax incl.)
Board Freestyle Twin Tip, available in 3 sizes: 153,156 & 159, classic camber in collaboration with the artist Simon Rivière, Julien Merken Promodel. Adult snowboard board - Merken message - 153 cm at...
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Freestyle All Mountain

What is Freestyle?

In snowboarding as in other disciplines, Freestyle means "free figure", it is the figures that can be done thanks to modules, in parks or mounds of snow at the edge of the slope. We use "Big Air", "Half-pipe", and other "rails" to perform more or less complicated tricks. From the simple "180" to the most acrobatic tricks, including "slides" on the bars, the Freestyle snowboarder seeks above all to not touch the ground by any means.

The All Mountain category offers a compromise, boards designed for all terrains, all types of snow, all "mountains". We will be able to find boards with which we can go everywhere.

All Mountain Freestyle Snowboards - Stone Snowboards :

The boards categorized "All Mountain" are boards designed to be versatile, they take you everywhere, whether in the park, on the piste or off-piste. And on all types of snow: powder, groomed or trampled.

The Freestyle All Mountain range we designed is obviously suitable for all terrains, but with a preference for the Snowpark, you will be able to perform tricks more freely thanks to a more flexible and lighter construction. We're also working on shorter boards that offer great maneuverability. Discover the boards below, designed and shaped by our teams :)

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