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Olivier Cluzel brand creator

Olivier was a pro rider in the 2000s. When his father died, he was forced to take over the company. After holding out for a few years & following through on the company's projects, he discovered he had a talent. Entrepreneurship!

Olivier returned to the mountains to take his qualifications and teach snowboarding at the SSBS in Switzerland. After a few years of rich teaching experience in Switzerland, his wife was about to give birth to a little Louis, and the plan to move back to Perpignan was strong. Coming back for the sake of coming back made no sense! It was time to create!

And that's how, in August 2015, as a tribute to his dog and faithful friend Stone, the Stone Snowboards brand was born on a simple & unique principle: to sell top-of-the-range products at the fairest price without intermediaries.

"Being close to Stoners is a priority for me, always offering them my services from far and near."

Stone is the leading French brand in the Pyrenees.

Stone Snowboards

We make all our snowboards and splitboards in Europe, 2 hours by plane from the best European factory. Some of our accessories are made in Asia & others in France.

During the Covid we finished as French splitboard leader.

Our watchword is minimalism. No more vintages, just simplicity & the freedom to create, as we own 100% of our shares in Stone.

Staying authentic is the power of our passion. Our company is French and we're proud of it.

Join Stone and become a Stoner yourself.

Olivier story

Olivier Cluzel Vacances février 1992
Vacations February 1992
No more skiing!
Olivier Cluzel Vacances février 1992
First French championship, Saint-Lary 1994, 4th place, Vans Lemings on. Alongside all the future stars of French snowboarding at the time.
Magazine Snowsurf an 2000
Snowsurf January 2000
Champion de France big air Olivier Cluzel
Olivier Cluzel, French Big Air champion. Saint-Gervais 2001.
Couverture magazine Snow Olivier Cluzel 2001
On the cover of Snowsurf March 2001
Kink magazine Snow Olivier Cluzel 2002
Kink magazine January 2002
Mondial du snow 2003 Olivier Cluzel
Mondial du snow 2003
Publicité Nitro Olivier Cluzel
Olivier Cluzel January 2003, Nitro Snowsurf advert
Forfait Les Angles saison 2004-2005 Olivier Cluzel
2004/2005 skipass, "go and see if they'll accept this photo! Ahahah".
Team week Stone 2016
With Tom Régnier and Hugo Serra during the first Stone team week in 2016.
Pipe ground Avoriaz Olivier Cluzel
2019 Pipe Ground Avoriaz, Olivier still plays the youngster between 2 bottles of milk given to his youngest Lola.
Team week Stoners 2023
2023 during team week with the Stoners!
Olivier Cluzel 2024
2024, Olivier still snowboards, but concentrates even more on Stone!

"I started snowboarding in 1992 in the Pyrénées Orientales when I was about 10 years old, first with Alpine snowboard bindings & hard boots and then quickly with freestyle bindings & soft boots ! Those were the best years of snowboarding! I wasn't interested in skiing, but then I started competing with the club in Les Angles (66) FRANCE, where I immediately liked the atmosphere, and I must say that our coaches knew how to make it happen. I went straight to ride for the world's second biggest snowboard brand. It was the beginning of a love story! Snowboarding guided me throughout my youth, both academically and in terms of my report cards, which ranged from sawtooth to mountain peak! My parents saw that I had to develop this skill! I can't thank them enough."

Olivier Cluzel
Olivier Cluzel 2024



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