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Lightweight aluminium poles are slightly heavier than carbon poles but stronger. Men / Women - 100% aluminium tube - Sold in pairs.
Wordlfit - Skins - Splitboards skins
Limited special offer
€179.00 (tax incl.) €199.00
If you have a fish tail there will be a modification to do. If you have an almost identical nose & tail there will be nothing to do.
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STONY skins are only made for our splitboards. Each model has a corresponding pair of Stony skins to be selected as an option before adding it to your cart.
€135.00 (tax incl.)
The Ibex ST Splitboard Crampon maintains the same great shape and functionality as previous models but has been upgraded with ST Tech! We’ve replaced the brass axle with our overmolded thermoplastic allowing for...
€99.00 (tax incl.)
Aluminium disks: Oversize aluminum center disk overlaps binding channels for maximum strength and rigidity. Adjustability: +/- 1/4 inch (6.5mm) of toe/heel adjustment in .5 inch (1.3mm) increments. +/- 30°...
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Snowboard accessories from Stone Snowboards

Like any self-respecting snowboarder, you want to complete your equipment for maximum comfort. Complete your equipment with our selection of essential snowboard accessories to enhance your outings. Whether you prefer snowboarding or splitboarding, we've got the essential equipment you need for your mountain adventure.

Snowboard accessories 

For our snowboarding friends, we offer a snowboard cover. A must-have snowboard accessory, the snowboard bag will enable you to carry and protect your snowboard while on the move. 

What's more, we recommend that you equip yourself with a screw kit. It may seem superfluous, but having a screw kit with you on your outings is important, because you're never safe from losing one of those screws during a frantic descent. Without a replacement screw, this minor inconvenience will spell the end of your day's skiing. 

So don't forget to bring along a screw kit and a snowboard cover to make the most of your outing.

Splitboard accessories 

For our fellow splitboard enthusiasts, we offer a selection of items to care for your splitboard and improve your comfort while riding. 

You've made the most of your splitboard over the last two seasons, but the clips and hooks that hold your splitboard to your snowboard are tired and need changing. This essential snowboard accessory is specially designed for Stone Snowboards splitboards.   

To improve your ascent to the snowy peaks, you'll need these three essentials: sealskins, telescopic poles and knives. 

Sealskins are a must, and knives will make your ascent much easier. Seal skins give you optimum traction on the snow, so you don't slide backwards. 

As the climb intensifies, you'll need an additional accessory: the knives. These are metal parts to be added to the center of each part of your splitboard under the bindings. They give you extra grip and prevent you from skidding. 

The last essential accessory for your splitboard outing is the trekking pole. Choose a lightweight telescopic pole that can easily be stowed in your backpack on the way down. Poles will be your best ally on the ascent. Discover our selection of high-quality, lightweight and sturdy poles. 

Finally, once your equipment is complete, think about adding your own touch of style. Express your style and creativity with our crazy sticker pouch, which lets you play with different combinations to customize your board and take to the slopes in style. 

What are the essential snowboard and splitboard accessories?

To go snowboarding, you need a board, bindings, a good pair of boots and a wetsuit. However, a few extra accessories can save your outing. That's why we recommend you always carry a DIY kit with a spare set of screws and a small screwdriver. If you're on a splitboard, telescopic poles and skins are essential to save you money on the climbs. Knives can also ensure a safe and trouble-free ascent.

Are sealskins compatible with all splitboards?

No, because sealskins have to fit perfectly on the sole of your splitboard (in ski touring mode), so they have to be adapted to the shape of the latter. That's why we offer splitboard skins in our splitboard packs. If you don't already have one, or yours is damaged, you can (re)order one by selecting the model of your board.

Is the Stone cover compatible with all snowboards and splitboards on the market?

The Stone Cover is compatible with all 166 cm snowboards and splitboards with a pair of bindings installed on them. You'll also be able to put a few accessories inside, such as poles, skins, gloves and masks. Our snowboard bag makes it easy to protect and transport your equipment.
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