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€219.00 (tax incl.)
An ultra versatile board for kids with a classic camber, it is not too wide in the skate for easy turns with a light weight & an ultra soft flex. A solid poplar construction to enjoy above all.
€219.00 (tax incl.)
Designed for our little ones, the Mini Stoner is a fun & efficient board to accompany them progressively on all terrains in complete safety. Preorder possible, delivery early November 2023
€319.00 (tax incl.)
Finally a nice girl board in the Stone range. All-purpose board available in 3 sizes, 142 146 & 150. Preorder possible, delivery early November 2023
€349.00 (tax incl.)
Twin Tip freestyle board, available in 3 sizes: 151, 154 & 157, classic camber in collaboration with artist Simon Rivière, the favorite board of new team member Oscar Nose. Preorder possible, delivery early...
€449.00 (tax incl.)
New board and new shape, this all mountain freeride board is available in 3 sizes : 157, 161 & 165, classic camber very versatile, our Rider J-L St Arneault de la Grave swears by this board.
€399.00 (tax incl.)
New board in the catalog, with more classic dimensions than the Barrel or Dirty Fish, not as wide with an aggressive shape for medium sizes. For those who don't want to go on the Topo this is the ideal shape. Mixed...
€469.00 (tax incl.)
Many Stoners have asked us for an all mountain freestyle splitboard, whether to get closer to known sensations, to freestyle off the slopes after a good ride down to the resort. Selected in the US by Backcountry...
€499.00 (tax incl.)
This split is now available in 155,159 & 163. It has received several awards from ski rando mag magazine, and a "Best Freestyle Backcountry" splitboard mag award for its versatility & responsiveness.   
€549.00 (tax incl.)
NEON wins an award for the first time this year. What a source of pride. We worked hard to get here. Best splitboard in its category by SNOW SURF The new NEON has gained 500 grams without losing any of the horsepower...
€499.00 (tax incl.)
This split is only available in 163. It has received several awards from ski rando mag magazine, and a "Best Freestyle Backcountry" splitboard mag award for its versatility & responsiveness.
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Our snowboards

Our boards are designed with wood from sustainable forests, it is for us a major issue. All Stone boards are made from unique, original molds, and benefit from a careful design.

Our boards are made with the utmost care in Europe, and if we offer a price almost twice as low as our competitors, it's because we've cut out all the middle men! When you buy a Stone Snowboards board, you go direct, your contact is us! And at Stone, we have boards for all tastes:

Freestyle All mountain 

Here you will find a range of boards designed for freestyle but also ultra versatile; you can go from the snowpark to off-piste without concession, your board will follow you everywhere!

Freeride All mountain & Freeride

Boards designed for powder, for off-piste, but also versatile boards for mountain lovers who want to have fun on all types of terrain.


A splitboard at this price? It's possible, once again because we are manufacturer and seller, there is no middleman. Our splitboards are equipped with the best clips & the best construction possible. There is something for everyone: from pure freeride splitboards to versatile splitboards.

Second hand :

To enjoy an even cheaper price than cheap, used boards are checked in our workshops! Our second hand boards are often boards that have slipped for an hour during a test mag, or test week end resort.

What's the difference between a snowboard and a splitboard?

Snowboards and splitboards are similar in their basic form and function: hurtling down snow-covered peaks. But splitboards differ in their design and their ability to be used as ski touring boards to access the peaks. Unlike snowboards, splitboards can be split in two to form touring skis. Their use therefore requires specific bindings to adapt to the board's versatility. Splitboards are very popular with off-piste snowboarders.

Snowboard or splitboard, which should I choose?

The choice between a snowboard and a splitboard depends on your riding style, especially as each board (snowboard or splitboard) has a different tip, tail and core. To help you make the right choice, we advise you to select a board according to your riding style. For example, if you want to freestyle, we recommend a snowboard with a snowboard park label. If you have a preference for freeride, snowboards and splitboards bearing the helicopter sticker will offer you maximum sensation and comfort. However, we recommend splitboards if you prefer off-piste skiing. Their versatility between snowboarding and ski touring will make you rediscover the pleasure of climbing and descending snow-covered peaks. If you don't have a preference for a particular style (all-mountain), we advise you to choose a snowboard with a mountain label. These boards offer a comfortable ride on all types of terrain. These boards are ideal for beginners. You can also opt for a splitboard, which will make life easier if you're going off-piste.
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