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Pack Splitboards
€698.00 (tax incl.) From €668.00 €698.00
Create your ideal White Split spliboard pack for all-mountain freestyle riding, featuring the White Split selected in the US by Backcountry magazine as one of the best splitboards. With Stone Snowboards' splitboard...
Pack Splitboards
€748.00 (tax incl.) From €718.00 €748.00
Discover the Forest Splitboard, the board named "Best Freestyle Backcountry" by Ski Rando Mag and Splitboard Mag, through a customized pack. Select the different accessories in your pack according to your needs for...
Pack Splitboards
€698.00 (tax incl.) From €568.20 €698.00
Customize your pack with the Forest Split, voted "Best Freestyle Backcountry" for its responsiveness and versatility. Select the board size according to your own height, then, depending on your needs, add skins,...
Pack Splitboards
€798.00 (tax incl.) From €768.00 €798.00
Build the perfect Allmountain Freeride package by choosing our Legalize Splitboard. To create your own personal package, choose skins and bindings to suit your size and riding style. For maximum comfort on the ascent,...
Pack Splitboards
€748.00 (tax incl.) From €718.00 €748.00
The Topo Split is ideal for carving enthusiasts thanks to its versatility. To get you off to a good start, we offer a splitboard pack with accessories tailored to your needs.
Pack Splitboards
€698.00 (tax incl.) From €618.00 €698.00
Create your ideal pack around the Dirty Fish Splitboard voted best pow surf, which will allow you to float divinely well in powder & slash any form of snow without any problem.
Pack Splitboards
€698.00 (tax incl.) From €568.20 €698.00
Stone launches you straight to the moon with the freeride splitboard Mini Gun Split. This incredible splitboard will take you to the top of the most beautiful peaks, so you can then hurtle down them at full speed. So...
Pack Splitboards
€748.00 (tax incl.) From €618.00 €748.00
Build the perfect package around the Neon Splitboard. Put it together by selecting the size of your freeride splitboard, deciding if you need skins, opting for bindings and their sizes, and adding knives and poles.
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Stone Snowboards splitboard packs

Welcome to the world of Stone Snowboards splitboard packs! Discover our modular packs, specially designed to meet all your splitboarding needs.

At Stone Snowboards, we've designed our splitboard packs so you can discover new runs and enjoy each one to the full. That's why our splitboard packs are carefully designed to give you the perfect combination of performance, reliability and versatility.

Each Stone Snowboards splitboard pack includes at least one high-quality splitboard and custom-made skins. As splitboard packs are modular, you can add bindings designed for splitboarding, telescopic poles and knives. These essentials will enable you to climb snow-covered peaks with ease. 

Whether you're a novice, intermediate or expert splitboarder, our packs are designed to give you unforgettable mountain adventures. Explore wild landscapes, discover new horizons and enjoy the ultimate freedom offered by splitboarding. Are you ready to conquer new heights?

What is a splitboard pack?

Just like ski touring, splitboarding is all about exploring off-piste and freeride. Setting off from the bottom of the resort with your snowboard split in two, you climb the mountain with your skins and poles. Once you've reached the top, put your poles away, set your skis to snowboard mode, set your bindings to downhill mode, and enjoy the ride. The splitboard pack includes a splitboard, sealskin, bindings, knives and poles.

What equipment do I need for splitboarding?

Your splitboard is a snowboard cut into two parts, which you use like skis. You'll need: a splitboard, an assembly kit, splitboard bindings, sealskins, poles for your ascent, preferably telescopic. Bear in mind that everything you take with you must fit into your backpack on the way down. Another type of equipment seems indispensable for splitboarding and all freeride activities: an avalanche beacon, a backpack with shovel, probe, first-aid kit, survival blanket, food and water.

How do I choose my splitboard pack?

When choosing a splitboard, as when choosing a snowboard, you need to take into account your body size and the way you want to practice. If you mainly want to ride along the slopes and jump, you won't choose the same splitboard as someone who just wants to go downhill and make nice curves without jumping. Choose your splitboard pack according to your level of practice: There are several types of riding: beginners, intermediate riders and experienced riders. For beginners who practice freeride on the slopes, an all-mountain board that's accessible, supple, light and easy to use is the best choice. For intermediates, an all-mountain freeride splitboard is the best choice, with a good weight-to-strength ratio. For an expert looking for committed freeriding on steep slopes, a splitboard that's light, efficient and, above all, solid.

What size splitboard should I choose for my pack?

As with the snowboard, depending on your size. However, you can go a little bigger. In fact, the bigger the splitboard, the better the gliding sensation. It's important to remain reasonable, though, as a splitboard that's too big will make itself felt on the way up. For example, a 1.75 m tall person would choose a board between 155 and 165 cm. Foot size should also be taken into account.
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