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Adult splitboard - White - Split
Limited special offer
€399.00 (tax incl.) €449.00
Many Stoners have asked us for an all mountain freestyle splitboard, whether to get closer to known sensations, to freestyle off the slopes after a good ride down to the resort. Selected in the US by Backcountry...
€499.00 (tax incl.)
This split is now available in 155,159 & 163. It has received several awards from ski rando mag magazine, and a "Best Freestyle Backcountry" splitboard mag award for its versatility & responsiveness.   
€499.00 (tax incl.)
This split is now available in 150,155 & 160. It has received several awards from ski rando mag magazine for its versatility & responsiveness.  
Adult splitboard - Neon Split
Limited time offer
€439.20 (tax incl.) €549.00
NEON wins an award for the first time this year. What a source of pride. We worked hard to get here. Best splitboard in its category by SNOW SURF The new NEON has gained 500 grams without losing any of the horsepower...
Forest Split 167 - Stone Snowboards
Limited time offer
€399.20 (tax incl.) €499.00
This split has received several awards from ski rando mag, and a splitboard mag "Best Freestyle Backcountry" award for its versatility & responsiveness.  
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Stone Snowboards splitboards

Discover the ultimate freedom and adventure with splitboards from Stone Snowboards.

The splitboard is much more than just a snowboard. It's an ultra-polyvalent board that lets you transform your board into a pair of touring skis for exploring inaccessible terrain. If you're looking to push the limits of freeride, the splitboard is the ideal equipment for venturing off the beaten track.

At Stone Snowboards, we offer a diverse range of quality splitboards. Each board is carefully crafted from wood sourced from sustainable forests and a unique mold designed in-house, guaranteeing excellent responsiveness, stability and maneuverability.

To adapt to the style of all stoners, we've designed boards with different shapes (twin, directional twin and directional twin), different flexes (6, 7 or 8) and for different riding styles (freestyle, all-mountain and freeride). To help you choose your splitboard, you'll find icons indicating its various parameters. Each splitboard also comes with a description to help you make your choice. 

Whether you're looking for a versatile board for exploring the mountains or one for more specialized riding, you'll find what you're looking for in our selection. At Stone Snowboards, our passion for snowboarding is reflected in every one of our products. We're committed to providing you with quality products and exceptional customer service. Browse our selection of splitboards and get ready for epic mountain adventures. Don't forget to check out our splitboard packs and splitboard accessories page to complete your equipment. The mountains are yours!

What is a splitboard?

If you are looking to buy a snowboard pack to discover snowboarding, you will have to look at the versatile boards, a freestyle all mountain snowboard pack will be recommended to ride in many situations. If you are looking to attack more powder, freeride a snowboard more rigid and robust will be ideal, you will then choose a snowboard freeride pack. Choose your snowboard pack according to the level of practice: For novice riders, occasional, a snowboard more flexible and more tolerant will be advised, a snowboard type twin tip: with a nose and a tail of the same length. For confirmed riders, intermediate, with the technical bases, at ease on groomed snow and also off-piste. A margin of progression is still possible, a snowbard board is close to a snowboard twin tip. For expert riders, any board at stone will do. From the slopes to the powder and even through the park modules, the mountain has no secrets for you. Choose your snowboard pack according to the shape: A splitboard is a snowboard cut in two that will allow you to ride in the mountains like touring skis. You will leave at the bottom of the resort with your snowboard cut in 2, be careful, we always reverse the skis on the way up. You will climb the mountain by the desired path with your skins and poles. Once at the top of the mountain, you will put your poles and skins in your bag. You will put your skis together in snowboard mode. Set your bindings to downhill mode. That's it, you just have to enjoy the descent as much as possible.

How to choose your splitboard?

You choose your splitboard according to your size & according to what you want to do. If you are tall with big feet, you will not take the same splitboard as if you are small. If you want to ride mainly downhill & jump, you won't get the same splitboard as if you want to ride downhill & make nice curves & never jump.

What size splitboard to choose?

It's like a snowboard, except you can go a little bigger. The bigger the splitboard, the better the glide on the way down, the more lift you will have. However in conversion to the rise, it will be a little more complicated. The conversions are the zig zags that you will make to go as high as possible. For someone who is 175 cm in splitboard you can choose 155 160 165 max and all the intermediate sizes. This is generally what is recommended, there is no rule. For a beginner it is good to take 15 to 20 cm less than his size. For an intermediate or expert, the practitioner will certainly know what he needs.
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