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€169.00 (tax incl.)
An ultra versatile board for kids with a classic camber, it is not too wide in the skate for easy turns with a light weight & an ultra soft flex. A solid poplar construction to enjoy above all. Kids snowboard...
Freestyle all mountain
€349.00 (tax incl.)
Board Freestyle Twin Tip, available in 3 sizes: 153,156 & 159, classic camber in collaboration with the artist Simon Rivière, Julien Merken Promodel. Adult snowboard board - Merken message - 153 cm at...
Freeride all mountain
€399.00 (tax incl.)
All mountain freeride board available in 2 sizes: 159 & 163, very versatile classic camber, its maneuverability is exceptional. Adult snowboard board - Natural 6 Serra - 159-163 cm
Freeride all mountain
€399.00 (tax incl.)
New board and new shape, this all mountain freeride board is available in 3 sizes : 157, 161 & 165, classic camber very versatile, our Rider J-L St Arneault de la Grave swears by this board. Adult snowboard...
€319.00 (tax incl.)
New board in the catalog, with more classic dimensions than the Barrel or Dirty Fish, not as wide with an aggressive shape for medium sizes. For those who don't want to go on the Topo this is the ideal shape. Mixed...
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How to choose your snowboard ? 

You choose your snowboard according to your practice. If you want to do jumps, carving and little big powder, you will choose a freestyle board. If you want to do jumps, carving & also powder, you take an all mountain board, if you want to do only powder & carving without doing jumps, you take a pure freeride snowboard

What is my snowboarding level ? 

If you are a beginner, you should not choose a snowboard that is too powdery. You should first progress on a more accessible snowboard, freestyle type, with a nose & tail of the same length. For an intermediate level, then you can choose boards a little more technical. With shapes and programs a little more different. For an expert level, we choose a snowboard for each type of practice.

What size should I choose for my snowboard? 

Generally, we choose a board that is 20 cm less than our height for everyday use. In freestyle, if you are 175 cm tall, you will choose a 155 cm board. When you want an all mountain board, you can add 5 cm without any problem to have a little more lift in the powder. When you want a freeride board, there is no limit. We will take a board big enough, because we know that the bigger it is, the easier it will be to float in the powder. On the other hand, you will float well but the movements will be a little more complicated. It is important to choose the right board for the use you want to make of it. 

What width of snowboard? 

You will find the dimensions of our boards in the description. Generally, the board sizes match the size of the board. There are very few big boards with dimensions for small sizes. Vice versa. The width of a snowboard is important for the size of the feet. The thinner a board is, the more fun it is to ride for smaller riders. On the contrary, the bigger a rider is and the bigger his feet are, the wider the board will have to be to avoid touching the tip of his feet and the heels. This is what we call the skate rib. 

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