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Splitboard bindings

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Splitboard bindings - Union Charger - S-L
Limited time offer
Splitboard bindings
€319.00 (tax incl.) €489.00
Union's brand new pinless splitboard binding is a real doozy. You dreamed it? They did it. The Charger 2023 snowboard binding is the ultimate in splitboard bindings. No more side-to-side play, it's super fast to...
Splitboard bindings
€529.00 (tax incl.)
Available in XS, S, M, L Weight: 1.38lbs/ea (628g) - 2.77lbs/pr (1256g) - Medium In the box: Splitboard bindings, ST Brackets, T1 Heel Rests, mounting screws and Spark Pocket Tool What else do I need? A set of...
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Stone Snowboard splitboard bindings

Splitboard bindings play an essential role in the splitboarder's equipment, and at Stone Snowboards we're delighted to offer Union and Spark, who have a range of high-quality bindings designed specifically for splitboards. The bindings are designed to offer performance, comfort, versatility and reliability.

The splitboard is a versatile tool that allows you to explore the mountains both as a ski tourer on the way up and as a snowboarder on the way down. That's why the splitboard bindings we offer are designed to perform in both ski touring and snowboarding modes. They offer solid traction on the way up and exceptional performance on the way down. What's more, we've decided to work with these two brands to bring you the lightest splitboard bindings possible. Indeed, having light bindings underfoot is just as important as having a quality splitboard.

These splitboard bindings are also designed to provide a secure, comfortable fit. With their ergonomic strap systems, they give you a precise fit. The bindings feature padding to minimize pressure points and vibrations, offering optimum comfort during long climbs and high-speed descents.

These splitboard bindings are made from quality materials and tested to ensure durability and reliability in the face of any challenges you may encounter along the way.

Explore our selection of splitboard bindings and discover the best Stone Snowboards has to offer to enhance your splitboarding experience. Get ready for new horizons and exciting adventures with splitboard bindings from Stone Snowboards.

Are snowboard bindings compatible with splitboards?

No, snowboard bindings are obviously not designed to adapt to touring ski mode. And, as far as snowboarding is concerned, your classic snowboard bindings will not be adapted to the layout of the inserts found on splitboards. So it's vital to have the right bindings if you want to splitboard.

How do I switch my splitboard bindings from touring mode to downhill mode?

Open the hooks and clips to separate the splitboard into two parts, then invert the two parts to avoid snagging the spatulas on the way up. Place your knives at the front of the binding. Then mount the splitboard bindings on the inserts in the center of each part. Once you've reached the top of the mountain, place yourself in a safe, stable spot and take off your shoes. Remove the bindings from the inserts and take out your knives. Then place the two parts side by side and close the hooks and clips. Finally, place your bindings on the snowboard inserts on both sides of your splitboard. Adjust the angle of your bindings to suit your preferences. You're ready to hit the slopes.

How do I adjust splitboard bindings for optimum comfort and performance?

Splitboard bindings have the same characteristics as snowboard bindings. So you'll need to adjust the angle of your bindings to suit your preferences and riding style. We advise you to set your angles as follows: Freestyle angle: +15° for the front foot and -15° for the rear foot. Freeride angle: +15° for both feet. Feet should be positioned forward. All Mountain angle: +15° for front foot and between -3° and -6° for rear foot. This setting will enable you to tackle any terrain. But the most important thing is to be comfortable when going downhill.
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