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Snowboard Bindings

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The crew are the latest Stone bindings. These bindings are pure all mountain, responsive and ultra comfortable. The flex of the Crew is intermediate which will allow you to have a maximum of control on your...
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Snowboard bindings from Stone Snowboards

At Stone Snowboards, we understand that every rider has different riding preferences. That's why our range of snowboard bindings includes models specifically for freestyle, and others adapted to all styles for all-mountain riding for those who like to explore all aspects of the mountain. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, our bindings combine performance, comfort and durability to meet all your needs.

Our snowboard bindings are the fruit of the innovation and expertise of our design team. We incorporate advanced features such as ergonomic straps for optimum foot support. What's more, we design our snowboard bindings with top-quality materials to ensure maximum durability. Every detail is taken into account to offer high-performance bindings that meet the requirements of every rider.

Explore our range of snowboard bindings and find the ones that match your riding style, your needs and your desires. Get ready for unforgettable moments on the slopes with Stone Snowboards snowboard bindings.

Snowboard bindings are a central part of your snowboarding equipment, so at Stone Snowboards we also offer snowboard packs, including snowboard bindings with board to enhance your riding experience, without the headache. 

Don't forget to take the time to adjust your bindings and maintain them regularly. It's a good idea to carry a small screwdriver in your bag to tighten your bindings from time to time. Get ready for some great riding by choosing our bindings that will enable you to push back your limits on the snowy slopes!

Are Stone Snowboards bindings compatible with other snowboards?

Stone Snowboards boards are designed with a 2x4 insert system. The 2 corresponds to the vertical distance between the insert holes (2 cm). The 4 corresponds to the 4 cm horizontal distance between the two rows of insert holes. The 2x4 insert can be recognized by its 2 rows of 6 mounting holes (12 in all). This is the most common insert on the market. Our snowboard bindings are designed for this insert system. So, if your board has the 2x4 insert system, Stone Snowboards bindings will be adapted to your board.

How do I adjust the angle of my snowboard bindings?

Depending on your riding style, you'll need to apply a different snowboard binding angle. Here are the different angles to apply, depending on your riding style: Freestyle angle: +15° for the front foot and -15° for the rear foot. Please note that this position can be difficult to adopt, so we advise you to gradually modify the position of the rear foot until you find the ideal position of -15°. Freeride angle: +15° for both feet. Feet should be positioned forward, for speed and control. All Mountain angle: +15° for the front foot and between -3° and -6° for the rear foot. This setting will enable you to tackle any terrain. Beginner: +15° for front foot and 0° for rear foot. This setting will help you find your feet, but once you're comfortable, don't hesitate to change the angle.

What is the average lifespan of Stone Snowboards snowboard bindings?

At Stone Snowboards, we offer snowboard bindings of impeccable quality. The injected Duraflex spoiler is the most durable on the market. Thanks to its plastic base and Duraflex injected reinforcement, our bindings offer exceptional comfort and longevity. But above all, they are designed to last as long as possible. Stoners generally keep their bindings for 3 or 4 years.
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