Adult Splitboard Pack - Dirty Fish Split

Create your ideal pack around the Dirty Fish Splitboard voted best pow surf, which will allow you to float divinely well in powder & slash any form of snow without any problem.

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  • Adult splitboard - Dirty Fish Split

    A similar shape to the Barrel, but bigger. Best POW SURF 2020 by splitboard mag.

    freeride picto freeride picto flex6 flex7

    Splitboard mag awarded the best pow surf to this splitboard. No wonder when you see the fun it provides. It has all the makings of an original & out of the ordinary splitboard. For those who don't know what a pow surf is, it's a wide & short snowboard or splitboard. This shape allows you to float divinely well in the powder & slash any kind of snow without batting an eyelid. It is very forgiving thanks to its width. This is the current trend. The wider it is the more fun it is. It's not a freestyle board, it's a board that will go with you to make nice curves & little jumps in the powder. Like a submarine that turns into a jet ski and doesn't flinch.  The conversions & moving in the steep will be a little more technical than a classic splitboard, but on the way down your friends will be jealous.

    The dirty fish hosts nose & tail holes to let the hooks of custom Stone skins slide in. No need to cut your skins anymore. Big news too, the dirty fish has a top sheet sole! Yes, a sole on the top of the board that makes this splitboard even more unique. To the touch on the top it's very pleasant. Original, sober & classy are the key words that define this splitboard. Our black Stone clips & hooks come with this splitboard. They tighten up the whole thing very well. We combine for its construction a mix of paulownia & poplar to always gain in performance. It's a slightly raised fish tail, so you can ride it as a switch even if it's not its primary purpose. The tail is protected by an aluminum guard to prevent snags. You have to pay attention to the tail of your split as you pay attention to a fish tail in surfing.

    Sole details: The sole is sintered & boards a nice rock n' roll fish in die cut. 

    Size available: 152.

    Terrain: Freeride.

    Put together your custom package by clicking here!

    Available in classic snowboard!

    made in Europe 

    €499.00 €449.00
    Adult splitboard - Dirty Fish Split

    €499.00 €449.00
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  • Stony skins - Skins - Splitboards

    STONY skins are only made for our splitboards. Each model has a corresponding pair of Stony skins to be selected as an option before adding it to your cart.

    These video is recorded in French and hosted on Youtube. To understand them better, you can click on the "subtitles" icon and choose an automatic translation.

    We then went around the question & we decided to invest in a new technology. Customize, have an ultra-efficient & ultra-durable glue. The STONY can only be installed on our own splitboards. No other brand of skins will fit as well as these on your stone splitboard. At the nose & tail, our splitboards accommodate circles in which slip hooks. The adjustment will therefore be optimal both in length and width.

    Premium Mixmohair is suitable for all types of terrain and all types of snow. It offers longevity and perfect grip, even for multiple ascents. The new KOHLA Fiberseal Technology makes it possible to obtain a thin, very robust and completely waterproof skin which, thanks to its small size, adapts to all hiking backpacks.

    Maximum flexibility is also ensured by the "Smart Glue" used in the STONY & WORLDFIT skins. A newly developed state-of-the-art adhesive that guarantees easy handling and easy removal of skins, even when putting them on and taking them off repeatedly. The main advantage of the new Fiber Seal construction is a 3-layer system with no cotton-polyester layer on the bottom, much more water resistant than cotton.

    In short the skins are: cut to measure in length & width, mohair mix 65% 35% nylon, smart glue technology (Smart Glue), regluable, Stone Design made in Austria by Kohla.

    If your splitboard is not a STONE, we recommend the skins: WORLDFIT, several sizes are available depending on the size of your splitboard.

    €199.00 €169.00
    Stony skins - Skins - Splitboards

    €199.00 €169.00
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  • Splitboard bindings - Union Explorer - S-L

    When your splitboard bindings are as good as your regular bindings, it's ultra easy to enjoy both uphill and downhill.


    The "EXPLORER" distribution system is optimal. There are fewer moving parts and a durable design to handle the longest rides and steepest lines.


    Ankle strap: Exoframe 2.0

    HEELCUP: extruded 3d aluminum

    RATCHETS: magnesium

    Bushing: Thermoformed EVA w/ Non-Stick Gas Pedal

    TOE STRAP: TS-2.0 Hexgrip w/Pin

    HIGHBACK: exp2 - duraflex st

    FLAD: split flad

    HARDWARE: grade 8.8 steel



    €389.00 €299.00
    Splitboard bindings - Union Explorer - S-L

    €389.00 €299.00
  • Splitboard bindings - Union Charger - S-L

    Union's brand new pinless splitboard binding is a real doozy. You dreamed it? They did it. The Charger 2023 snowboard binding is the ultimate in splitboard bindings. No more side-to-side play, it's super fast to switch from one mode to another. Their system is optimal. The kit includes the mounting discs, screws, touring bracket, splitboard strap and quiver disk. Cutting edge technology for the splitboarder who has to have it all! Comfort, performance and style.

    Union's all-new pinless double lock system allows for quick and easy transitions with a simple flip of the lever. Less time in transition means more time spent riding. The opening and locking system is really well thought out.

    NEW SP3 Duraflex CB Baseplate

    NEW Exoframe 5.0 Ankle Strap

    NEW 3D extruded aluminum with Astro Washer heel pad to prevent slipping.

    NEW Magnesium S1 with aluminum base pawls.

    Thermoformed EVA socket

    NEW TS 4.0+ Toe Strap

    NEW EXP3 Duraflex ST Highback

    NEW Split FLAD 3.0 front tilt adjuster

    Grade 8.8 steel material

    Split Loader Disc

    INCLUDED: Quiver Disk, Mounting Disk, Hardware, Touring Bracket + Split Strap

    Available in 3 colors: black, white & coral

    €489.00 €319.00
    Splitboard bindings - Union Charger - S-L

    €489.00 €319.00
  • Spark arc + puck set - Stone Snowboards

    Available in XS, S, M, L

    Weight: 1.38lbs/ea (628g) - 2.77lbs/pr (1256g) - Medium

    In the box: Splitboard bindings, ST Brackets, T1 Heel Rests, mounting screws, Spark Pocket Tool and Puck Set.


    Our industry-leading splitboard binding excels in the trees and powder, but is tough enough to handle more complex all-mountain conditions.

    Cutout baseplate design, medium flex Asym Rip 'N' Flip Highbacks, and a smaller ankle strap with a flex window combine to save valuable grams and deliver a surfy ride down. All Arc ST Bindings incorporate our industry-leading Tesla T1 technology. Our NEW Smooth Touring (ST) Tech is featured on our ST Brackets and ST Whammy Bars. These components utilize a proprietary thermoplastic blend that is molded over the metal part reducing friction, increasing durability, and improving touring efficiency.

    We have combined our two sizing charts together into one unisex line. No men's or women's specific bindings, just splitboard bindings for splitboarders.

    shema arc

    1 - Asym Rip 'N' Flip Highbacks

    Our NEW Arc ST Asym Rip ‘N’ Flip Highback has a moderate amount of glass fiber fill for medium flex and a surfy feel. The Asym Highbacks have been redesigned in 22/23 and now feature individual left and right highbacks for improved ergonomics. The upper section of the highback is flatter allowing for increased lateral mobility. All Rip ‘N’ Flip Highbacks incorporate a tool free forward lean adjuster (FLAD) that easily toggles between tour and ride mode.

    2 - Pillow Line Straps

    Pillow Line Straps are lightweight, durable, comfortable, waterproof, one-piece molded construction, and made 100% in-house. Arc ST Ankle Straps are smaller around the boot than the Surge ST and feature a flex window for max agility while maintaining support. Toe straps are designed to be used as a toe cap, but also fit nicely as a traditional strap across the top of the boot.

    3 - ST Touring Brackets

    ST Touring Brackets incorporate the best features of aluminum and thermoplastics. We overmold our custom plastic blend over and through the holes in the aluminum base, forming bushings that last four times longer than their previous brass version.

    4 - ST Whammy Bars

    The ST Whammy Bar climbing wire is built right into the baseplate. Overmolded plastic where the bar contacts the baseplate allows for super-smooth climbing wire position changes in the steeps. You can switch easily from stowed, to low (12°), to high (18°), and back again while touring.

    €628.00 €618.00
    Spark arc + puck set - Stone Snowboards

    €628.00 €618.00
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  • Knives - Splitboards

    Unique size

    The Union knives allow you to get a better approach when the slope is too steep.

    Available as a pack in the splitboard pack section

    €59.00 €51.50
    Knives - Splitboards

    €59.00 €51.50
  • Crampons Spark - Stone Snowboards

    The Ibex ST Splitboard Crampon maintains the same great shape and functionality as previous models but has been upgraded with ST Tech! We’ve replaced the brass axle with our overmolded thermoplastic allowing for effortless installation and super-smooth rotation. Crampon teeth are fully engaged when used with or without the Whammy Bar for maximum security on dicey terrain. Our dual-width design features one crampon that is slightly wider than the other, allowing the crampons to nest together for easy handling and reduced packing space.

    Weight:  5.50 oz/ea (156g) – 11.0 oz/pr (312g) - Regular

    ST Axle:

    Our NEW ST axle is made from a proprietary thermoplastic that we mold over the top of the aluminum crampon. It is extremely durable and allows for super smooth crampon installation and removal.

    Made for the Steeps:

    Climbing wire pushes crampon teeth fully into the snow for secure ascents on steep terrain and in firm conditions.

    Nesting Design:

    The dual-width design features one crampon that is slightly wider than the other, allowing the crampons to nest together for easy handling and reduced packing space.


    Aluminum construction with cutouts.


    Includes storage bag to protect other gear in your pack.

    €135.00 €130.00
    Crampons Spark - Stone Snowboards

    €135.00 €130.00
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  • Sticks - ultra light carbon - stone


    It's the 3 parts poles to go hiking & walking with your friends.

    Men / Women

    The tube is 100% carbon.

    Sold by pair.

    - Pair of carbon sticks.

    - N Technology for an ultra small folding in the bag

    - Anti-slip foam upper shaft: for a better grip on the slope or when climbing steep slopes.

    - Anti-slip foam upper shaft: to avoid climbing with the straps & to have a different touch. 

    - 100% carbon tube

    - LockJaw adjustment mechanism

    - Handle with dual density pommel

    - 360 degree padded webbing strap: holds open for easy access

    - Weight per pair: 420 g 

    - Working length: 35-130 cm

    - Folded length: 35 cm

    €99.00 €91.50
    Sticks - ultra light carbon - stone

    €99.00 €91.50
  • Sticks - Light Alu - Stone

    Lightweight aluminium poles are slightly heavier than carbon poles but stronger.

    Men / Women - 100% aluminium tube - Sold in pairs.

    Carbon poles are good, but they can break. You gain in lightness but all you need is a shock with a pebble or a bad support on your poles & you will break them. Aluminum sticks are a little heavier but to break it you really have to go. We don't make anything without testing them to the max. We must therefore weigh the pros and cons before choosing your equipment. Either you want a light & potentially fragile product depending on how you use your products or a slightly heavier but much stronger product. You understood, if you are a stuntman, aluminum will be an excellent choice.

    • folding of the sticks in 3 parts

    • Ergonomic foam upper section: for better support and comfort in all conditions

    • non-slip foam lower strand: to grip the poles without straps

    • 100% aluminum tubing

    • LockJaw adjustment mechanism

    • comfort strap

    • weight per pair: 550 g

    • useful length: 35-135 cm

    • folded length: 35 cm

    €79.00 €71.50
    Sticks - Light Alu - Stone

    €79.00 €71.50

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To make the most of the performance of this magnificent board, select the various accessories you need to complete your equipment:

The Dirty Fish Splitboard.

Stony skins, their grip and longevity are unsurpassed, thanks to cutting-edge glue technology.

Union Explorer splitboard bindings, make the most of climbing and descending with quality splitboard bindings.

Union Charger 2023 bindings, excel thanks to their pinless double-locking system, offering fast transitions.

Spark Arc bindings feature Tesla T1 technology.

Union knives, compatible with our two pairs of Union bindings, improve grip when climbing steep slopes.

Spark knives offer effortless installation, guaranteeing maximum safety on difficult terrain.

Aluminum sticks are stronger but a little heavier.

The Carbon sticks are lightweight and easy to carry for hiking.

Customize your pack as you wish, with the products displayed as you go along.

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