French Snowboard Brand PACK MINI GUN - STONE SNOWBOARDS Pack Splitboards Stone Snowboards
French Snowboard Brand PACK MINI GUN - STONE SNOWBOARDS Pack Splitboards Stone Snowboards
  • French Snowboard Brand PACK MINI GUN - STONE SNOWBOARDS Pack Splitboards Stone Snowboards
  • French Snowboard Brand PACK MINI GUN - STONE SNOWBOARDS Pack Splitboards Stone Snowboards
  • French Snowboard Brand PACK MINI GUN - STONE SNOWBOARDS Pack Splitboards Stone Snowboards
  • French Snowboard Brand PACK MINI GUN - STONE SNOWBOARDS Pack Splitboards Stone Snowboards


ATTENTION: The butterfly on tail must be cut. Tail is flat, the butterfly is disturbing in contact with the snow. The skins must therefore be cut before the tail. 


Stone Snowboards flies you to the moon !!!!!!! Yes, the decoration is futuristic, it feels good for the good mood.

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Warning: if you have Union Expedition bindings you do not need the short screw kit, however if you have other brands you will need short screws, you can add this kit to the basket. 

New baby at Stone, this shape clearly shows the willingness to offer more and more freeride boards in the range.

Surfing & snowboarding come together, which is why this winter we released new lighter splitboard than last year to allow a better spatula roll & fully enjoy splitboarding both on the way up and down.

Generally speaking, what we can blame splitboards for is the heaviness of the skis... this will not be the case with our entire new range.

Detail of the camber: Hybrid Camber (classic that pulls flat) + Rocker.

The choice of the camber is important, even essential on a splitboard for ascent & conversions.

Sole details: 7200 sintered sole with a die cut on one ski for optimal glide & in case of repartition an easy repair, factory waxed

Size: 160

Field: Freeride

Construction: Union clips, biaxial fiber, Paulownia & Light Poplar core, aluminium tail protection, diamond stone finish. 

Shape: Freeride with a 7 cm set back

Also available in Classic shape board

Freeride  : 10/10

Freestyle : 04/10

Rails        : 01/10

Race        : 05/10

WEIGHT RANGE70 - 90 kg

Ico-Freeride.gif Ico-Directional-Shape.gif   STONE_SNOWBOARDS_IS_MADEINEUROPE.gif

Be careful !

STONY skins are only made for our splitboards.

if you are looking for a skins pair for Dirty Fish Split or Mini Gun Split or skins for a splitboard of another brand than Stone, take Worldfit skins.

Since the beginning of the Stone adventure we offered our own skins, the feedback was quite positive but something more was missing.


So we took a look around & decided to invest in new technology. To make custom, to have a glue ultra efficient & ultra durable.

On the front of the splitboard now we decided to bring a circle to insert the tip of the skin, which allows an ideal fit.

On the back, the elastic with the Hook also fits perfectly. When we say that they are made to measure it means that they are made to measure in the width as well.

The STONY's only fit on our own splitboards so we recommend them when you take a splitboard from Stone.


This skins fits all splitboards on the world market.

They are exactly the same as our STONY in construction except that at the nose you have a Standard Tip, a classic rectangular stainless steel attachment system & in the tail you have what is called a Butterfly, a triangle that fits into the corner of the tail of the splitboard. Several sizes are available, so check the length you need.

A cutting kit is provided to cut your skins across the width.

Custom STONY skins for more freedom ! These skins are uniquely designed to match 100% with our splitboards. They are already cut to width.

At the nose & tail our splitboards have circles in which hooks can be inserted. This ensures an optimal fit in both length and width.

These skins can only be mounted with our range, we strongly advise you to use them if you take a splitboard from our site, no other brand of skins will fit as well as these. If your splitboard is not a STONE, we recommend the WORLDFIT skins, several sizes are available depending on the size of your splitboard.

On freshly groomed slopes, fresh powder or a mix of both, with Stone Snowboards skins, freedom is in your hands. The high-quality Mixmohair is suitable for all types of terrain and all types of snow. It offers perfect durability and grip, even for multiple ascents.


The new KOHLA Fiberseal Technology produces a thin, very robust and completely waterproof skin which, thanks to its small size, fits all hiking backpacks.

Maximum flexibility is also ensured by the "Smart Glue" used in STONY & WORLDFIT skins.


A newly developed advanced adhesive that guarantees easy handling and easy removal of the skins, even when putting them on and taking them off repeatedly.

In addition, these skins are suitable not only for all types of snow, but also for a wide variety of splitboard types. So you will have maximum freedom for your splitboard rides! 


The main advantage of the new Fiber Seal construction is a 3-layer system without a cotton-polyester layer on the bottom, which means that it is much more water-resistant than cotton


We use "Smart Glue" because in the end it is the one that best fits all Stoners and is the most durable over time. Our experience has allowed us to find the right compromise between a skin that peels off too easily (those from past seasons, & skins that peel off with difficulty (those we have already tested on skis for example). Basically our new skins are a mix of both. For example: : 


Vacuum (adhesion of the skins) = about 3-4 kg of energy to be separated (sometimes too little, especially under difficult conditions, or 3-4 times a day)

Hot-melt Standard (traditional glue): 17-18kg of energy to separate the skins (especially for women, sometimes too difficult to gather the skins together and you can destroy the surface if you don't take the protective film.

Smart Glue (new exclusive development for Stone by Kohla): about 7-8kg of energy to separate the skins (we think this is the ideal standard for all those who want the perfect combination of easy handling and sufficient safety for longer or more difficult split hikes)


These figures are always measured on a 110 mm wide and 170 cm long board!


The skins are


Cut to size in length & width

Mohair blend 65% 35% nylon

Smart Glue Technology

The skins can be glued back together

Stone Design made in Austria by Kohla




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