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    Here is our second BIG MAMA, always elaborated with elegance, we could soon compare it to an art deco object so beautiful!

    freeride picto flex8 made in europe

    What a classy object, it would almost make you want to hang it on the wall & not damage it on the rocks, a decorative object that would easily fit in a collection! For its size, it is very handy & easy to relaunch. Its matte top sheet is made of "Ebony Milano" wood, which gives it some cachet. It is possible to bring a lot of aesthetics to snowboards, the only limits are those we bring. The Big Mama is a board to attack the steep, in wide open spaces you will feel like a bird above the mountains. Free as a bird. Immediately we think of the magical spot of La Grave in the north of the Hautes Alpes.

    Sole details:Its structured sole is an IS NHS 330 running sole, so you might as well know that only competitors usually have this sole under their feet. Its almost all black sole makes it easy to repair in case of a problem. We're talking about a high-end board here, few boards have a structure on their soles. A purist knows what it is to ride a 180 cm! On the other hand, to ride it with a sole that rhymes with a rocket, it is a unique experience. Honestly what a pleasure. The combination of power, fluidity and size gives a crazy feeling.

    Size available: 180.


    Camber: flat with a slight rocker in the nose, which allows it to be very effective. The tail is very slightly raised on the flat to allow you to come back in the axis without any problem. This kind of board doesn't ride in switch but on a few meters you will be able to do it without problem.  

    Construction: full vertical laminated wood core is made of wood from sustainable forests (poplar).

    Available as a pack!



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    The Camos are pure all mountain. You will be comfortable on all terrains. With their unique design, the Camos combine progress and aesthetics. 

    The EVA pad is ultra comfortable. Your feet will feel like slippers. The base construction is made of plastic injection. These bindings are very solid and yet remain very light. The toe & ankle straps fit really well around the ankle & toe. The buckles are made of aluminum. 

    These bindings fit all boards on the market including snowboards with a rail system for the bindings. The discs are compatible with 4x4, 4x2 for ICS rail, Channel.

    For a small French brand, we really go all out to make you happy. No need to look elsewhere! 

    Size M : 40-43

    Size L: 43+.

    €199.00 €179.00

    €199.00 €179.00

    New All Mountain bindings in the catalogue.

    Cousins of the Destroyer, the "Color" bindings are high-end bindings. They offer versatility & performance for demanding Stoners.

    Ideal for fast & strong riding on all snow conditions, the "Color" offers an ultra pleasant cushioning to help your knees take the hit when jumping. The Color is an ultra strong and comfortable binding.

    The Color has injected base that offers an unbeatable comfort. The power to weight ratio is sensational. The spoiler allows an ultra-reactive edge change.

    Its plastic hooks make it even lighter without making the bindings fragile. Its ankle straps perfectly flatten the foot without having the unpleasant support as can be seen in certain pairs of bindings.

    The cap strap, the toe strap, adjusts ideally to hold the forefoot.

    Full of ingredients that allow the Color to respond as well in the snowpark as on the piste.

    In the powder snow, these bindings will ensure beautiful slashes.

    In 3 words the COLOR is light, precise & ultra comfortable.

    Our bindings fit on all boards on the market including snowboards with a rail system for bindings. The discs are in 4x4, 4x2 for ICS rail, Channel.

    Sizes M: 40-43 // L: 43+.

    €159.00 €139.00

    €159.00 €139.00

    The DESTROYER are high-end All Mountain bindings

    The basis is to have a very good board but having high quality & high performance bindings is also important to match the whole board.

    Ideal for freestyle but also for good carving and going everywhere in the powder, they are light and really strong bindings.

    We didn't want to make a binding too soft or too stiff. We are always searching, looking & we always end up finding, every year we propose a pair of bindings that can suit the Stoners best in terms of quality & price & there we have to say that we are getting closer to perfection.

    Its spoiler injected is the best on the market in terms of resistance. Its plastic base is also injected reinforcement, which allows an exceptional comfort & super longevity.

    At the heel, the aluminium arch support stiffens the base and provides 100% comfort. As for the straps, whether for the toe (cap strap) or ankle (heel strap), the comfort and adjustment is optimal.

    The plastic buckles allow the bindings to be much lighter than the aluminium ones.

    Our bindings fit all boards on the market including snowboards with a rail system for bindings.

    The discs are compatible 4x4, 4x2 for ICS rail, Channel.

    Size M : 40-43

    Size L: 43+

    €179.00 €159.00

    €179.00 €159.00

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